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Application forms for the next yoga teacher course (2017)  

  SYA yoga teacher course - part 1-4

1st  part: stand by; venue: Kováčska 16, Košice
2nd part:  stand by; venue: Kováčska 16, Košice
3rd  part:  stand by; venue: Kováčska 16, Košice

4th  part: to be opened; venue: Kováčska 16, Košice
Special tuition weekend: will be announced;

Note: For the 3rd level yoga teacher course, minimum 1 year of practical experience, for the 4th level minimum 3 years of practical experience are necessary.

The teacher training course (1-3) is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic (No. 2012-920/10906:5-10). Part 1-4 of the SYA yoga teacher course is accredited also by the European Union of Yoga. The hour-wise division is done in accordance with the Act No. 444/2008. Tutorial team

From March 2017 the 3 parts of the teacher training will be provided according to Act.No. 440/2015 and Decree No. 110/2016.

Course contents - presented on demand (     

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